Best Schools in Motinagar

Some of the people of Motinagar or New to Motinagar are confused that to admit their children into new school.

So for this article is made especially for them..

  1. Don Bosco High School

This is the one of the good school in Motinagar especially for sports and games. Students who are good in extracurricular activities are lucky to have this school nearby. Infact I need to say this even I have also studied in the same school. The teachers in this school are excellent. They are very experienced. Some of the teachers worked in the same school for more than 30 years. I personally recommend this school.

2.Samskar School

Some of my friends who are in lower class students are studying in this school. I recommend this school because this school follows Xseed syllabus. Which is the new syllabus. This is not my personal recommendation but it is a decent school.